Reflection On Portrait Painting

Personal Reflections on Portrait Painting

Hello friends! I wanted to share a bit about something that’s really special to me – painting portraits of people and animals. This journey isn’t just about applying paint to canvas; it’s about the deeper connection I feel with each brushstroke.

The Beauty in Expressions

There’s something truly magical about capturing expressions and personality through portrait painting. Whether it’s a human or an animal, each has its unique way of showing emotion. In my paintings, I try to delve into these expressions, to bring out the personalities of every person or animal I paint.

Emotion on Canvas

Recently, my focus has shifted to using the entire canvas to express emotion and tell stories. It’s about capturing a fleeting moment or a deeper story. I hope to make each part of the canvas contribute to this narrative, inviting the viewer to step into a moment of someone else’s life, or a narrative that I dream up and put onto canvas. Lately I’ve been interested in how the character interacts with the canvas as a whole and how to incorporate elements like texture, colour, words, and environment to push the painting further.

Why It’s Important to Me

In our fast-paced world, these paintings are my way of slowing down, of appreciating the nuanced beauty of life. It’s a humble attempt to invite others to pause, to reflect, and perhaps see a part of their own story in these portraits. To feel a part of something bigger is something that any piece of art can offer someone. A connection that can span time, and language. It’s part of why I love art so much, is this sense of connection.

That’s a little window into my world of portrait painting. It’s a path filled with learning, emotion, and discovery, and I’m so grateful for it. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Off to go create a new painting!