Kingston Local Artist

About The Artist


Sasha Hill is a First Nations artist based in Katarokwi/Kingston. She graduated from Sheridan College’s Media Arts programs in 2015 with a focus on cinematography. With no formal art training she finds inspiration and studies drawing, anatomy, and painting online through workshops and classes. She learned technical oil painting skills from master local artist Joanne Gervais for several years before venturing off in search of her own style. With a keen sense of emotion Sasha uses paint to express wistful, playful, sometimes somber or pensive expressions on her characters. Depicting primarily faces of people or animals she is interested in conveying a moment part of a larger story. As a full time web designer and emerging artist Sasha spends her time outside of work drawing, studying art, and painting. Looking to expand her art knowledge and studio practice she attends life drawing classes, and is constantly pushing her skills studying art on her own.

Creative Purpose

Self acceptance through vibrant paint colors and charming characters is my focus. I love to create moments that take place in a larger story. In my paintings daydreaming is the norm, imagination runs free, and all are accepted as they are.

Painting Style

Sasha trained her eye in composition, lighting, and story during her time at Sheridan College’s Media Arts program. She has over five years of experience in the film industry composing images for commercials, tv show pilots, and short films. Sasha currently continues her passion for visual storytelling through the media of paint.

Painting Experience

She trained with master Canadian artist Joanne Gervais in the Joie De Vivre Atelier style for several years. During which time Sasha joined Joanne on many onsite sketching jobs throughout Kingston and area for venues and events such as: the Kingston Tattoo Ceremony at Fort Henry, Kingston Blues Fest, Mackinnon Brothers Back To The Farm and many more.

Since leaving her apprenticeship Sasha experiments with new painting techniques to bring vibrant characters to life.

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