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About The Artist

Sasha Hill is a First Nations artist based in Katarokwi/Kingston. She graduated from Sheridan College’s Media Arts program in 2015 with a focus on cinematography and lighting. Film and storytelling influence her paintings thematically. Storytelling has always been an interest of hers and painting is a visual way to capture these moments. She paints anthropomorphic figures, and portraits predominantly in oils. With a love of capturing the human figure and the characteristics of animals. Sasha strives to create a space for viewers to connect with their own inner world, because that is where she spends most of her own time.

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Step into a world of vibrant contemporary art where colors collide, textures ignite, and stories unfold. Sasha Hill Art’s original artwork is an exploration of emotion, movement, and new narratives. Textural elements breathe life into the artwork, allowing you to feel the artist’s presence and energy. Immerse yourself in the world of Sasha Hill Art. As you gaze upon these works, you’ll find yourself drawn into their stories, caught in a whirlwind of movement frozen in time.
animal artist Kingston

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