Kingston Square Foot Show Art Exhibition 2023


Wow, what a whirlwind! It’s hard to believe that my painting, “Goddess,” won the “Best in Show” award. Just weeks ago, it was tucked away in storage, and at the Kingston Square Foot Show she had her moment in the spotlight. I’m so grateful for the chance to showcase my work alongside so many incredible artists from all over Canada.

The opening reception was an absolute blast! There were tons of art enthusiasts eager to claim their own piece. When I finally arrived, an hour after it started, I was surprised to find that two of my paintings had already sold. My friends, family, and coworkers came out in full force to support me, and it was truly a fantastic celebration to share with them. The fact that this event fell on October 13th held special significance for me; it’s a date that carries the memory of a significant family loss that happened 17 years ago also on a Friday the 13th in October. To have this celebration and love surround me on that date meant the world.

Prepping For The Kingston Square Foot Show

To prepare for the show, I had to create three new pieces using a different approach I’ve been experimenting with. I combined abstract collage, gold leaf, and oil-painted figures. I worked on these pieces during evenings and weekends leading up to the show, drawing inspiration from portrait artists, poetry books, music, and film.

Let’s dive deeper into the stories behind each artwork.

Braiding Sweetgrass

The title of this painting comes from the book by Robin Wall Kimmerer. It’s a piece inspired by stories of caring for the land, with personal poetry woven throughout. Gold leaf, colorful collage, and a contemplative figure make this painting special to me.

Day Dreaming

This painting is a blend of myth and memory, with my favorite song and book quotes scattered throughout. I used mixed media materials combined with abstract paint strokes and gold accents hidden beneath layers of paint for that added sparkle. ✨

Lonely Trail

Picture yourself wearing heavy cowboy boots, spurs clinking on the sand, and the hot sun scorching your back. The scene unfolds as you spot the Lone Ranger standing on the cliff’s edge, his poncho billowing in the wind. The painting captures his search for something in the vast desert. As your spurs make noise, he starts to turn towards you… A painting full of mystery captured the attention of art lovers as they happened upon the piece in the gallery. This was my most talked about painting of the opening night.

portrait artist Kingston

Flowers in Her Hair

This charming portrait of a young woman with flowers in her hair beckons viewers to take a closer look. The colorful brush strokes in her face and expressive eyes invite contemplation.



This painting left me speechless. It went from being stored away just a week before the show to taking center stage at the Kingston Square Foot Show. While creating this work, I was captivated by the regal pose and focus of the woman. It’s clear she’s a goddess.

Live Painting At The Kingston Square Foot Show Art Exhibition

During the show, I had the pleasure of being able to paint live in the gallery space on Saturday. The room buzzed with excitement. I even had a fun time live painting my partner as a cowboy.. I zoned in while listening to cowboy tunes, making good progress on my new canvas portrait, with abstract shapes emerging. I plan to keep working on this painting in the months to come.

To Close

In closing, the Kingston Square Foot Show stands out because it encourages art sales as a vital part of the experience. This show is all about connecting with art lovers and finding new homes for our creations. For me, it was a massive success and a reminder of the incredible support within Kingston’s art community.