Accepted Into Kingston Square Foot Art Show!

Hello friends! I have exciting news! I will be part of the Kingston Square Foot Art Show coming up this fall, October 14th to the 16th. The show will take place in the Tett Centre and online. All paintings will be available for purchase at an affordable price point for the seasoned or budding art collector.

The reason it is called the Kingston Square Foot Show is because each painting will be 12 inches by 12 inches in size. Imagine all these hundreds of square paintings along the walls in the Tett. I am so excited to be a part of this show! 

How I got to be a part of this show, is I applied online back in the spring, didn’t make the first cut of artists and got put on a waitlist. I have been busy with commissions all summer, so thank you to everyone who has been commissioning some very fun and new projects for me to work on this summer, it means a lot to be able to create art to commemorate special moments for you. I have been having a wonderful summer, and quite honestly forgot I was on the waitlist until I got an email about a week ago letting me know I am able to be a part of the show in the fall! 

Working on a commission on the back porch this summer. It was a hot and sunny day!

So I am equally excited and nervous that now I have to create five brand new paintings from primed wood panel all the way to completion in just a month and a half. I have picked my rough theme I want to incorporate into these pieces and I’m looking forward to experimenting, playing, and pushing my artwork with these pieces. So this art show came at a perfect time where I’ve been in between commissions, and wanting to get some more painting time in. 

Itching to get painting.

Well I will need to get more painting time in, because I need to create five new works! (Oh boy) I hope to share this process with you, from thumbnail sketch in my sketchbook up to completed work. Hope you stay tuned in, now I have to go prep a panel for my sketch! Thanks so much for reading!