Week One: Prep for Square Foot Art Show Kingston

It’s been a busy week, full of drawing, prepping the panels, and finding time to rest in between. I’m still doing most of the prep work leading up to painting and this is the part of the process where I’m just itching to paint. And the anticipation of starting is killing me, just cause I’m so excited to get painting.

Art Show Kingston

If you didn’t know what I’m prepping for, or why the heck I’ve been drawing so much. Then I’ll catch you up. I’m prepping for an exciting art show coming up in the Tett Centre . It’s called the Kingston Square Foot Show. It will run from October 14-16th in the Tette Centre, and each painting will be for sale for $250 and up. It’s a show curated by Michelle Reid and Adelle Webster who are resident artists in the Tett Centre. Two extraordinary artists in their own right and promoting fellow artists in the local Kingston art scene. If you’re new to collecting art, or a seasoned collector it’s a show not to miss because of the affordable price point from some amazing artists.

Getting Started: Prepping The Wood Panels For Painting

I had to paint over the five panels I’m using for the art show. Because of course I had gone ahead and painted some card faces on them for a different project thinking. But now the panels have more of a history to them. Not always a bad thing to paint over old paintings.

Steps For Prepping Wood Panels for Oil Paint

  • Three layers of Acrylic gesso, I used the brand Liquitex.
  • Sanding using medium grit sandpaper in between layers (Wiping off dust)
  • Texture layer of acrylic white paint ( achieved using spatula)
  • Toning the panel with burnt Sienna Acrylic
  • Finally ready for the first layer of Oils!

From Drawing To Wood Panel

I have been carrying my sketch paper with me everywhere. I’ve drawn at the optometrists, the bus station, and the office. It has been challenging to fit in drawing time, but finding ten minutes at a time is surprisingly productive. The limited time also helps with being efficient in the amount of lines it takes to draw a figure.

Rough sketch for one square panel painting.

The Painting Process

I created a colour study for one of the paintings, after I finished transferring my sketch. I’m so glad I did because I’ve been trying some new techniques and mediums and it helped narrow down my focus without having to find the painting later on in the process and muddy the colours.


Next Steps

I’m super excited for the next steps of painting the final layers on these two paintings and starting on three more! I’m so ready! Thanks for reading, and tune in next time. 🙂

  • Paint Underlayer
  • Paint Full Colour Version
  • Add Backing Supports
  • Wire
  • Deliver Paintings
  • Celebrate!