KSOA Fifth Annual Juried Kingston Art Show!

This year the Fifth Annual Kingston School of Art Juried Show will take place October 7th – 29th. All paintings will be available for purchase at the exhibition. This year there were 65 paintings that were selected from many high quality applications (to say I was intimidated when I dropped off my painting would be completely accurate. But you may as well try). So I’m very thrilled to announce my painting “Dancing Through the Night” was selected as a finalist and will be in the Juried Exhibition!!

My Painting: Dancing Through The Night

This painting was created in one sitting with oil paints onto canvas. It depicts a Fancy Shawl First Nations dancer dancing away from the viewer. She is surrounded by a dark background yet she keeps dancing with her shawl waving golden colours in the air. It means a lot to me and is the first ever First Nations dancer I’ve painted. I hope you can connect with the movement and colour in the piece. And I hope you can view it in person at the Juried Art Show!

Art Show Details

Photo from Kingston School of Art

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